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A well-dressed man outdoor observing his surroundings Alt-Tag: Men's fashion 2022

Dressing Up in Class | Men's Fashion 2022 Trends


A well-dressed man outdoor observing his surroundings Alt-Tag: Men's fashion 2022

You never know when the need for a suit may arise in a man's life. A good suit will take you from an important morning meeting to a day wedding and even a date in the evening, all in a day. 

There is so much a fancy suit can do. Additionally, it is always in style. The cuts and fitting might change, but men's suits are a part of the season's trend. Similarly, as we look at men's fashion 2022, there are some trends where the suit makes an appearance as usual.

Of course, a suit does not act alone. Wearing a simple jacket and trousers is not how you appear classy. In fact, the blend of complementary elements completes the attire and makes you look sharp.

It is essential to understand how to blend the whole outfit together, which tones of shade to go for, and which fabric to adorn for the season. Possessing this sense and turning a simple suit into an elegant outfit makes a gentleman stylish and full of class.

In fact, a man of class would know how to switch between materials, pairing separates and turning a formal look into casual or vice versa. Now, you might wonder how you can become this man and show up everywhere dressed in elegance and poise.

So, let's take you on a ride, at the end of which, you will understand men's fashion 2022 trends and the kind of suit you need in your wardrobe this year to appear up to date and fashionable.

1.    The Fabric

The first question that arises when you are on the lookout for some excellent pieces of men's suits is the fabric. What kind of fabric is trending for the coming season in menswear?

Since the summer season is turning toward autumn and winter, designers are featuring classic warm fabrics, such as wool, corduroy, and tweed, in their portfolios this coming season. These fabrics keep you warm while adding some texture that enhances the look. They give the suit that sophisticated charm people find ever so pleasing in a well-dressed man. 

Hence, the Finley Blue Check 100% Blue Suit is a grand choice for any man with an eye for finer things in life. Furthermore, you can use the pieces as separates as well to style a different outfit depending on the occasion you are attending. The Ralph Grey Wool Tweed Suit Jacket would be perfect for pairing with different outfits. The tweed keeps you warm, while the texture adds to your refined look. 

When going for formal wear, you can wear the entire suit in its full glory.

2.    The Shades

The shades trending this year are colours of the season. For instance, in order to resonate with the many brilliant hues of autumn, the most popular colours in men's fashion 2022 are burgundy, mustard, and brown. Different shades of blue are also trending in menswear currently.

These shades make the attire extravagant and enhance the look with modern tones. A blue suit looks charismatic and fresh and is quite a valuable piece for your wardrobe. For instance, the Archie Blue Melange Three Piece Suit is a classic piece with cuts, but the navy shades turn up the style and class of the entire suit.

If you prefer classics above all, you can always choose to go down the regular path of blacks, greys, and browns. Of course, you can switch it up a little by going for a charcoal piece instead of black. It looks darker in the evenings. Hence, it is a better and more chic alternative to black, which is mainly reserved for strict formal dress codes. 

Furthermore, the shade of the suit gives you room to mix it up with other outfits and create a different look with more character.

3.    The Style

The double-breasted jackets are trending in men's fashion, 2022. The look is better for formal wear and reflects sophistication and class from the unique style. The Oakley Navy Check Double Breasted Suit will bring you to light in a crowd and make you stand out.

Don't think that wearing a suit is enough for radiate style. It is all in the way you carry yourself and the attitude you possess. That said, don't start acting rude to show class because that's not appreciated. Your style should be gentlemanly, and most importantly, you should know social etiquette. The double-breasted suit will do the rest for you by portraying you as a man of elegance and grace.

Basically, you just have to live up to the reputation that your double-breasted suit has made for you. That's quite a lot to expect from a suit, you might say. However, you must see it to believe it. There is a reason the style is trending in men's suits this season.

In addition to this, if you like some personality in men's suits, you will love the fact that patterns, strips, and checks are all in this season. You can play around with your favourite style as you please and be comfortable in your skin. The Eli Grey Check Two Piece Suit is a number that is fashionable and will make you the talk of the town.

People say menswear doesn't have more options, but in reality, the patterns and different fabrics have the ability to create magic that will even put Harry Potter to shame (okay, perhaps we exaggerated here a little).

Understanding your options and pairing them well will help you be stylish and display your refined taste in fashion. 

4.    The Fitting

If you wish to go by the trend, you must seek a looser fit. Loose trousers and jackets are all the rage in men's fashion 2022 for fall. Trousers with a flare at the bottom are also in season. Think of it as a more hip version of the classic suit with a regular fit.

At the same time, designers have also taken the slim fit up a notch. They have refined the cuts to make the fitting leaner. Additionally, the pants have gotten leaner with a skin fit. It gives a man's body a flattering shape by enhancing the curves and bulges of a man's body to look more appealing and stylish.

Of course, if the narrow cut and the loose fit are not your cup of tea, you are a man of the classics through and through. A great thing about classic fits is that they never go out of style. They are timeless and fit in well with any occasion. The Jude Brown Check 100% Wool Suit will ensure that you look stylish while you embrace the classics.

If you do choose to go for classic, remember that it is all in the fitting. A well-tailored suit will make you look sophisticated. However, wearing a size that is not meant for your body will only make you look sloppy. Instead of being a man of class, you will end up being tacky.

Choose the classics to stay in fashion every season, or stay in style by following trends. It is your choice. As mentioned earlier, you could be wearing your oldest suit, but if you carry yourself with the right charisma, you will still end up turning heads. 

5.    The Complimentary Knitwear

Of course, the end-of-year seasons are incomplete without some knitwear. The season is cold, and you must cover yourself for warmth. However, that doesn't mean you can't still be fashionable.

Since the temperatures are getting worse every season, the winter breeze continues to get colder and harsher. Hence, it is essential to invest in some good quality knitwear. You can't always wear a suit, and you need pieces in your wardrobe that are tasteful and chic. Remember, men's fashion 2022 is focused on looser fits, so avoid going for tight knitwear that sticks to the body.

The Evan Knitted Mock Neck Chocolate Jumper is just the right shade and style to keep you warm and very much in style. Pair it with a blazer and denim to create a smart-casual look. Additionally, do not forget to choose the perfect shoes to go with that outfit. 

The Final Word

Dressing up in class is easy as long as you know what's in fashion. Men's fashion 2022 is all about a looser fit, adding lots of patterns and textures, and following the shades of the season. Follow the trend to appear hip and stylish in the coming season.

However, if you find following exhausting and overwhelming, sticking to the classics will still make you stylish. In fact, men who follow the classics are believed to have a refined taste for the regal and are the epitome of sophistication.

There is nothing that can beat this for a gentleman.

If you, too, would like to indulge yourself with some classic pieces or perhaps a double-breasted suit to stay fashionable, check out the fantastic collection at Harry Brown London today.

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