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Styling Tweed Suits for Men |Men’s Suit Ideas

Tweed is a beautiful fabric in menswear that is perfect for the coming season. Its rich fabric provides just the right warmth for autumn and winter evenings. However, its versatility means that it can be worn any time of the season.

Styling tweed suits for men isn’t complex. When paired with the correct elements, it looks chic and modern. In fact, tweed is considered a fine fabric, and men who wear it are believed to have quite a commendable fashion sense. 

Tweed has a Scottish heritage and was just the right fabric to stay warm in that weather. However, as globalization spread, so did fashion. Currently, thanks to some designers and TV shows, tweed has become quite the rage in men’s fashion 2022.

Today there are multiple ways of styling tweed suits for men, making the person wearing them appear slick and gentlemanly.

Before we begin discussing ways to style tweed suits, firstly, we must look at the qualities this fine fabric possesses, such as:

Versatility: Some fabrics are specific to the season because of the material they are made of. For instance, cotton is only mostly worn during summer because it is a light and breathable fabric. On the other hand, there are different types of tweed, including a light material that you can wear throughout the year. Furthermore, you can create numerous outfits without making it seem like you are wearing the same item.

Durability: Tweed is a long-lasting fabric. It doesn’t require any specific or complex care. Additionally, since tweed suits are made of tough material, they will not wear out in only a few washes. Hence, making tweed strong and durable fabrics can last for years in your wardrobe.

Warmth: There are different types of tweed available. A thick tweed suit will easily protect you from the windy blows of December evenings. In fact, a three-piece tweed suit is often enough for formal events during winters and does not require you to put on additional layers.    

So, let’s move on to explore how you can use that tweed suit hanging in your closet for a presentable and trendy look.

Wearing a Tweed Suit

Now, coming up with complete attire requires you to possess a strong fashion sense. If you feel you cannot put together an entire outfit, the simplest and most straightforward way is to wear the entire three pieces together.

The Ralph Mauve Wool Tweed Three Piece Suit is an absolutely exquisite piece to add to your menswear. The mauve colour makes it quite alluring. However, a 3 piece suit is better suited for formal wear and is an excellent choice for a meeting or a formal event such as a wedding or an office party. 

Pair the suit with loafers or leather shoes and strap on a watch for a luxurious look and woo the crowd.

Imagine appearing in a classy tweed suit. All heads will be turning towards your charming attire and will give you an excellent chance to network and make connections.

Styling Separates

Now, of course, you cannot always arrive at every event in tweed suits. Obviously, the charm you are trying to create will eventually wear off with the same outfit. Hence, sometimes, you have got to mix it up. Also, you can attend only so many events that require formal wear. It would be a shame to leave the tweed catching dust in a wardrobe until the next event.

Hence it is good to bring it out and style it for different occasions. A fabulous little trait of tweed suits is that you can dress it up or dress it down as you please.

In fact, you can even create a smart-casual outfit if you have the perfect elements that complement each other.

Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, tweed can be worn throughout the year regardless of the weather. However, you must avoid layering because its natural properties make it slightly warm. For instance, you can pair the Ralph Biscuit Tweed Suit Jacket with a plain white T-shirt and denim lowers. The slim-fit cuts of the tweed jacket will give regular casual wear a run for its money.

The tweed jacket adds personality to your attire, making you look the most fashionable in the room.

Switch up the Elements

Separately matching a tweed jacket is definitely easy when it comes to styling tweed suits for men. However, styling other items like tweed trousers and waistcoats can be challenging for a novice. Of course, we are here to help with that as well.

Your tweed jacket is not the only piece from your 3 piece suit that you can split and wear with other elements. Get your hands on the Ralph Navy Wool Tweed Suit Trouser and pair it with the Theo Light Pink Cotton Shirt for a refined look.

As far as a waistcoat is concerned, you can dress it down by pairing it with jeans and a tweed blazer to keep the look more smart-casual. Similarly, the Ralph Grey Wood Tweed Suit Waistcoat will look polished and tasteful with dark denim and a matching tweed jacket.

It is quite a stylish attire for catching a flight at the airport on cold wintery nights or going on a date when you dress to impress.

The earthy tones of tweed and the beautiful texture pair well with different elements and give you enough room to get creative with your outfit.

Layer It Up

At the risk of looking like a stuffed snowball, it is essential to learn the art of layering with menswear. Understanding how you can keep yourself warm while still looking stylish will help you create looks that have character and resonate with your personality.

Remember how our moms would dress us up during the winter with a thousand woollen layers, and we would end up looking like a cheese puff? Well, now is the time when you have the liberty to dress in your nines and let out your authentic persona through the fashion trends you follow.

So, layering up is all about mixing materials and different fabrics with tweed so you can get the right level of warmth per your need. You can take off a layer or two and put them back on depending on where you are and how warm you need to be.

Suppose you are heading down to lunch. You can put on your tweed coat while you walk and take it off when you arrive where you need to eat.

It is also essential to focus on the colour tones, especially when layering different fabrics. For instance, if you are layering with an earthy-toned jacket on top, you can use shades for other pieces that match the threads in your wool tweed.

Navy and different tones of blue can be an excellent choice and goes very well with the winter season. Burgundy is another shade that looks exceptionally well in the winter when paired with a tweed jacket.

A full-sleeved polo shirt underneath gives the complete look a stylish spin and makes the layered-up outfit wearable for different places. Additionally, you will not have to change if you need to head out after work for a dinner date or spend some time at the pub. 

Get Married in Tweed

Tweed suits are perfect for formal occasions and can be your ideal attire as the groom. Imagine being adorned in the Ian Charcoal Wool Three Piece Suit at your wedding, waiting for your soul mate to walk down the aisle.

The love of your life will be over the moon when they see you decked in your best with the elegance and sophistication of a real gentleman. 

Three-piece tweed suits for men can be an excellent choice for such occasions. Even your groomsmen can adorn similar tweed suits in a different shade to appear cohesive while appearing stylish and chic.

The accessories you add to the suit will give it the flair a wedding suit requires. For instance, a fancy pocket square paired with a silk tie and the right pair of shoes complimenting the entire look will go a long way in addressing the formal dress code.  

The Final Verdict

These outfits make an excellent attire perfect for dates or nights out with friends at the bar. A well-dressed man is an example of grace and poise. People are attracted to their refined taste in fashion and hold them in higher regard.

Now, styling tweed suits for men require a certain finesse to achieve the right look with different elements. Whether you suit up in a three-piece, split it into a single tweed piece, mix it up or try layering, its versatility will help you create the right look for any occasion.

That said, it is essential to look for a good quality tweed suit that will give your look the classy vibes it needs. So, browse through our brilliant collection at Harry Brown London and take your pick from the many variants of tweed suits available.

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