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The Best 3-Piece Suits for Your Summer Wedding

It's the most important day of your life, and you are ready to see your special someone walk down the aisle to you. You have everything in order; the caterers, venue, music decor. Now, what's left is that 3-piece suit you have been putting off because of the heat and humidity you expect at your summer wedding.

If there is one day you need to look your best, it is your wedding day. Not to mention, there are plenty of summer wedding suits for men with light and breathable material to ensure that you spend your day without feeling too hot. Of course, on a day when you will have to interact with multiple people, dance around, and spend most of the day admiring your spouse, you would want to be comfortable in your skin.

Hence, it is essential to find a 3-piece suit that fits you well, looks good, and is made from a light material, and we are here to guide you through the process! Here are some amazing tips to help you select your summer wedding suit and make an informed decision:

Tips for Choosing the Right Summer Wedding Suits for Men

1.    Choose the Right Material

Sweat patches are not flattering for obvious reasons. Hence, choosing the suitable material that fits well with the season is essential. Light and breathable fabrics, like cotton or linen, will keep you cool throughout the event and ensure that people (especially your partner) aren't trying to stay away from the groom all evening (if you know what I mean).

2.    Pick a Good Cool Toned Colour

Summer means light shades and cool tones. So, pick that shade card and choose a summery shade to help you keep cool. Dark shades will warm you up, so stay away from them. There are plenty of cool-toned shades you can choose from. Also, a light-coloured suit is perfect for meetings or other formal affairs, which means you won't just be wearing it once and will be getting value for money.

3.    Accessorise Well

The right patch, watch, shoes, and tie will complete your look. Tailored suits with some good accessories will amplify your look, and a splash of your partner's favourite cologne will ensure you look delicious and irresistible to them. You see, accessories can make or break your look, so make sure you spend some time checking out if everything goes well together, and do not put this off till the last day.

4.    Choose What You Like

Many people prefer to choose what is in fashion instead of what they will be comfortable with. It is good to follow trends, but what's even better is to proudly display your personality because THAT will never go out of trend. A man who is willing to break from the rules is always admired. Hence, choose a suit you like and will not be frustrated with during the event. 

5.    Consider the Venue

When you are picking a 3-piece suit, it is essential to consider the venue as well. Is it an outdoor or indoor event, or will you be transitioning? This matters because a fabric that works for an in-door event might not work for an outdoor summer event. Hence, discuss the material and the venue with your designer to make an informed choice.

6.    Make Sure the Wedding Party is in Sync

The bride's party looks fabulous when they are in sync. Similarly, the groom and their groomsmen should also have a cohesive look, so they all look charming together. Of course, the groom should stand out, so a different colour suit or adding elements like a boutonniere will ensure the groom isn't lost in the sea of men around him. 

We hope that the aforementioned tips were worth your while! Now, let's look at some of the best options for men's wedding 3-piece suits for summer to make the process even easier for you!

1.    Roux Light Blue Cotton 3-Piece Suit

When looking for summer wedding suits for men, it is crucial to focus on the material. There are hundreds and thousands of suits that you can find, but if it is not summer friendly, the groom will be drenched in sweat minutes into the ceremony. Now, we wouldn't want people to mistake that as nervousness, would we?

So, cotton is the best breathable and light material that you can find for the season. This fabulous Roux Light Blue Cotton Three-Piece Suit will be the right choice for your summer wedding so you can dance and move around confidently and show you made the right choice (regarding your suit and your spouse). 

2.    Nathan Blue Check 3-Piece Slim Fit Suit

Your attire brings confidence to your personality and what better way to project your confidence than this classy piece. The Nathan Blue Check 3-Piece Slim Fit ensures a great tailored fit and a trendy look. Now, your wedding is a special time and what you choose to wear should reflect your personality. So, make sure to select the cuts and fit that you like so you are content with your pick.  

3.    Alexander Pastel Pink Herringbone Slim Fit 3-Piece Suit

This light tea pink colour is absolutely perfect for summer. It gives a fresh look and makes you the sharpest man at your wedding, as you should be. Tailored suits look charming and fashionable, and this particular three-piece suit offers the same. For a more formal look, you can add a tie and loafers to finish this remarkable look. You will surely look dashing standing at the altar waiting for your partner in this Alexander Pastel Pink Herringbone Three Piece suit.

Many people still gender-specify colours, which is quite disappointing. However, this subtle pink makes the man wearing it look stylish and quite the catch.   

4.    Casper Grey 3-Piece Suit

A great thing about a summer wedding is that you can experiment with all kinds of light shades and cool tones. This Casper Grey 3-Piece Suit will give you the liberty to stay cool in the heat and still manage to look stylish. Furthermore, this is also an excellent look for the rehearsal dinner if you do not want to wear a warm tone.

You can achieve a classy and elegant look if you pair it with a crisp white shirt. Additionally, it is not a high-level black tie formal look. Hence, this gives you a chance to re-wear your wedding suit, and dust doesn't eat away at it in your locked cupboard.   

5.    RALPH Light Blue Wool Tweed Three Piece Suit

If you prefer to colour outside the lines, this little number is the right fit for you. It is a gorgeously masculine cool toned blue colour that is very trendy these days. Blue suits for formal wear are quite a demand globally these days. This RALPH Light Blue Wool Tweed Three Piece Suit
 looks charming and will be the right choice for your summer wedding.

In fact, even your spouse will admire the cuts and fit this suit offers and won't be able to keep their eyes off you. Now, that should be the real purpose of the outfit you choose. The modern look makes it a perfect choice for any formal occasion in summer.  

6.    Ralph Mauve Wool Tweed 3-Piece Suit

Now, tweed is considered more of a fall or winter season material, but it can be worn all year round. In fact, if your wedding is near autumn and toward the end of summer when the breeze becomes nice and cool, the Ralph Mauve Wool Tweed Three Piece Suit can be a good choice. Of course, your comfort matters the most. You should be able to enjoy this day, and your attire plays a significant role in this matter.

The colour is a lovely mauve and can be re-worn to your friend's weddings or any other formal event. It gives a little Tommy Shelby vibes too. So, if you are a fan of the Peaky Blinders outfits, this can be an excellent look for your wedding. With the right accessories, you will be the perfect groom who will bring a sparkle to your partner's eyes the moment they lay their eyes on you at the wedding.


There you have it, highly-effective tips to help you choose your summer attire and some of the best 3-piece suits for your wedding. Remember, you must be comfortable in your skin while making sure the cuts and fit suit you well. It is essential to choose a breathable fabric so you can handle the summer heat and still look like the charming and handsome gentleman you are. 

You can find all these classy looks and more at Harry Brown London. So go ahead and raid their website to find your perfect summer wedding 3-piece suit.

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